The descriptions of all 23 players, according to the utilleros!

Pepe & Capdevila: the ones in charge, the joy of the group.  They make the entire world smile.

- Sergio: the dj of the team, he’s the life of the party, friendliness personified.

- Javi: it’s surprising, because he has such a serious face, and then you find out he’s a big joker.  He’s a very positive person.

- Iker: the great captain, someone who knows how to act.

- Piqué: he’s very mature for his age, his evolution has been incredible.

- Mata: a professional in all aspects.

- Villa: unpredictable both on and off the field.

- Marchena & Puyol: they inspire respect from others.

- Xavi: the brain, the machine, a word that he uses a lot.

- Xabi: a gentleman.

- Valdés: very polite, he always says “please” whenever he asks for something, very well-educated.

- Navas: a very shy boy.  During this month, he’s been perfect, he hasn’t had any problems with the anxiety.

- Torres & Busquets: the serious ones.

- Albiol, Iniesta & Pedro: simple and humble.

- Silva: also very shy, very low-key.

- Llorente: the “guapo” of the team.

- Arbeloa: the intellectual.

- Cesc: he always does his own thing.

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