On April 23, Barcelona celebrate the day of Sant Jordi . This day, known as the feast of the book and the rose, coincides with the anniversary of Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia. According to legend,  Sant Jordi killed the dragon which frightened the people, of dragon’s blood a rose  was born, the saint gave as a gift  for to his princess. The custom of day says that the lover should give away books and roses to his beloved

If your visit to Barcelona handy with the Sant Jordi’s day, may prove the importance of this day for Catalonia. Each year the streets of Barcelona are filled with vendors selling roses and books, especially in the Rambla, which turns into a veritable human tide of buyers and sellers of books. In addition, throughout the day, the most popular authors of books autografam copies of readers, both on the street as in bookstores. In 1995 UNESCO declared April 23 as International Day of the Book.

Excuse my bad English :{ This day is very special to me and one of my favorites! (It is not a coincidence I call ROSAlia)

That all my followers have a Happy Sant Jordi’s day!
Que tots els meus seguidors tenen un feliç  Sant Jordi!

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    Feliç Sant Jordi a tots!!! St. George is kinda my man, being patron of England, Catalonia, and my soon-to-be parish,...
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    My name’s not Rosalia, but still, Sant Jordi is my favourite day
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